“Were Korean Girls Enslaved or Indentured into Military Brothels during WWII?””위안부들은 성노예였나 매춘부였나?”

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This paper empirically evaluates the two opposite representations of the pre-1945 Korean comfort women. Far exceeding the estimate advocated by migration view, the scale of mobilization as estimated using demographic information falls within the range proposed by slavery view. Indicating one in every four conscriptions to be coercive, Bayesian inferences from testimonial evidence suggest that claims of forced enlistment were typically reliable, which is consistent with their occurrence being not random but correlated with conscriptional idiosyncrasies. Marrying ages plunged, and childbirths surged indicating the widespread fear of abduction in the early 1940s. Health measures suggest that the sex workers fared worse than the rest of the Korean population, which is consistent with slavery view.

  • 1930년대말, 1940년대초에
  • 150,000명 정도 여성이 위안부로 나감
  • 이 중 약 40,000명은 폭력과 협박아래 강제 동원됨
  • 110,000명은 취업사기, 인신매매, 자발적 참여
  • 1940년대초 강제 동원을 피하기 위해 결혼 연령 하락, 출산율 증가
  • 위안부는 대부분 1920년대 초반생들이었는데
  • 1920년대 전반생들은 이전 또는 이후 출생 여성들에 비해 키가 작고 폐경 연령이 빠르며 좌골 신경통에 걸릴 확율이 높다
  • 결론: 위안부=성노예

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